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Mondial Congress & Events invites you to attend the Congress 2019 at Vienna
Mondial Congress & Events is responsible for organizing hotel accommodation and tours/excursions. They have secured a sufficient number of 5-star, 4-star, and 3-star hotels. Please use the Mondial hotel reservation home page for booking and for detailed information on hotel rates, accessibility by public transport/distance to the venue, and all tours/excursions.
Mondial Congress & Events Vienna (HQ)
Operngasse 20b
A-1040 Wien

The general assembly will be between 7 April and 12 April 2019.

The meeting will be in Vienna, Austria with the venue of the event being Austria Center Vienna.

It is an annual Conference.

The Meeting is expected to be attended by 10000 participants this year.

When you are in Vienna for the conference, look at these three must visit areas and fall in love with the elegance of this city:

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Expert tips for Vienna's best accommodation, dining, shopping and tours options. A useful guide for Vienna travelers.

Vienna, Wien in German, makes you feel in a fairytale. You can smell Wiener Mélange in every corner of the city while your ears are stimulated by the classic music notes.
Wien, homeland of Mozart has the harmony, Wien the homeland of Sigmund Freud has the profoundness, and Wien the homeland of Klimt has the aesthetics.

Tasty Life in Vienna

You may want to taste the best desserts in the shadow of a splendid baroque building or you can take a ride with a nostalgic carriage around this magical city.
Classic music concerts, balls and valse are the parts of the daily life in Wien. This city is full of art, music and history and you never feel you have enough of them.

Vienna: The City to Live

The world's 2nd most livable city according to Economist Intelligence Unit's survey of 140 cities, Vienna blinks at you to discover her charming points. Cool may be the weather in some parts of the year, Vienna will make your heart warm. Dignity, music and dreams unite where Vienna is.

Where Is Vienna

Along with its central location in the east of the country, Vienna is near to the borders of Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Getting to Vienna

Many major airlines have direct flights several times a day to Vienna. Schwechat Airport is located approximately 18 km east of Vienna and provides many options to reach the city center.
ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways) provides a very modern railway network and trains so that you can travel safely and in comfort to Vienna.

City Transportation

With 5 underground lines, 90 bus routes, nearly 937 km route network and 28 tram lines, Vienna provides an easy and comfortable way of city transportation system.


Vienna offers you a great variety of restaurants where you can experience incredible tastes. An Australian restaurant Coburg, a schnitzel restaurant from heaven Figlmüller are some of the best choices. Do not leave Vienna without tasting schnitzel not to deeply regret afterwards.
You may also like to try Heuriger, traditional wine taverns of Australia where you can taste delicious homemade wine and cold food.

Must do in Vienna

A trip to Vienna is never complete unless you leave the city before doing these activities!

Take a day off at Museumsquartier

Covering 60000 sqm area of space, Museumsquartier is the 8th largest cultural center in the world. it houses nearly 70 cultural facilities as well as the shops, cafes and courtyards. This perfect recreation center is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vienna with its historic buildings and the contemporary museums. When you are there, you can be showered by visual and performing arts, architecture, dance, fashion, theatre, literature, photography or street art.

Watch an Opera at Vienna Opera House

No matter you are into opera or not, you must watch an opera when you are in Vienna. Vienna Opera House is one of the most important opera houses in the world and it houses the best symphonic music orchestra in the world. Every day, a different program is on the stage and per season, more than 50 operas and ballets fascinates the audience.

Get an Aerial View of Vienna

The Giant Ferris Wheel was opened in 1897 to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Emperor Franz Josef I but the current one was rebuilt in 1945. So it is more than just a tourist attraction unlike other popular ferris wheels in the world. This historic landmark in the city also featured in the popular movie 'The Third Man' in 1949. Originally, the ferris wheel had 30 cabins before the World War II and it was rebuilt with 15 wooden cabins.

Must visit in Vienna

If you have limited time in Vienna, make sure you visit at least these 3 places to feel the spirit of this beautiful city.

Schonbrunn Palace

A Vienna trip is never complete without a visit to Schonbrunn Palace. This Rococo style palace was used as Sisi's summer residence. Now, this enchanting palace is UNESCO's cultural heritage site.
The vast, mesmerizing gardens and its splendid furnishings will succeed to impress you at first sight. When your eyes go in details, white porcelains, white-lacquered surfaces and gold leaves will also surround you with all the brilliance of Rococo style.

Hofburg Palace

Hofburg Palace was the principal winter residence of Habsburgs as Schonbrunn served as their summer residence. This lavish palace was the place from where Habsburg's empire was ruled for 7 centuries. Now, the palace is the official residence of Austrian President.

Belvedere Palace and Museum

The iconic landmark of Vienna, Belvedere Palace consists of 2 buildings which are Upper Belvedere and Lower Belvedere and these two buildings are connected to each other with a fascinating garden. This baroque palace has also rooms that are used as museums and in these museums display many highly remarkable paintings.
From middle ages to the present, Belvedere houses Austrian art masterpieces such as from Waldmüller, Amerling, Fendi, Makart, Boeckl, Wotruba, Hausner, Schiele, Kokoschka, Hundertwasser and others. Upper Belvedere displays the largest collection of Gustav Klimt in the world including "The Kiss"and "Judith".

Must taste in Vienna

You'll be highly regretful if you leave Vienna without tasting these 3 great dishes!


Sachertorte tastes so heavenly that it can be regarded as a reason to visit Vienna on its own. It is much more than an ordinary chocolate cake because it has a special recipe. Sachertorte has apricot jam inside and covered with dark chocolate icing. It is generally served with unsweetened whipped cream and of course a cup of cafè mèlange.


Dating back to 1600s, Apfelstrudel (Apple Studel) is a traditional Viennese pastry. It has cooked apple filling inside and its basic dough is made of flour and butter and many more variations of it exist. It is generally served warm with caster sugar on it and sometimes it is served with vanilla sauce or whipped cream. The dough should be rolled out really thin which makes Apfelstrudel special.


When you are in the home country of Schnitzel, it will be really weird if you turn back without tasting Wiener Schnitzel. It is accepted as the national dish of Austria and the schnitzel you eat in Vienna is never like the ones that you eat anywhere in the world.